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All versions DSO Planner users are celebrating the brand new release of the app! Based on your valuable input we've introduced the following list of new features and improvements:

  1. Faint planets (Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune) are now calculated and available on the Star Chart and in data screens. Even though DSO Planner was designed specifically for Deep Sky objects observing, these faint planets sometimes may become a point of confusion when star hopping with them in the view.
  2. All of the planets are now having the option to show their name text on the Star Chart in addition to the planet's sign.
  3. You can now adjust the Star Chart elements' colors to your liking in the Night mode, similar to what you can do in the Day mode, but using only shades of the red color. Which has turned to be crucial in order to address significant variations between Android devices screens models, technology, and resolution when displaying single color pixels. Try tuning it at the lowest brightness as you would use at the eyepiece, if you had difficulties viewing some of the chart's elements compared to others on your screen.
  4. Global search by name function (magnifying glass icon) can now use a part of the common name of a DSO object, comet, or a minor planet, So your search for the "Andro" word - you will get Andromeda constellation, M31, NGC224, and Andromache, Andronikov, Aleksandrov, Androgeos and Anaximandros minor planets in the search results.
  5. The eyepieces' FOV circles on the Star Chart got an option to display a text label with their short name. Useful, but these circles are actually for star hopping, so the proposed approach would be to register just 2 - 3 EPs exclusively for star hopping, so it's easy to understand which is which, as their FOV's a significantly differs. But we understand that you may have your own approach as well.
  6. The internal database of minor planets' orbital elements had been updated with the most recent Epoch data.

There are other minor improvements and fixes implemented as well. My favorite is the slow down of the scrolling effect near the Zenith and Nadir.